SNAPWIRE is an alternative news media, that brings freshness to news reporting and coverage. Our black and red “S” mark is a symbol for “BREAKING THE NEWS.” We break uncensored news from around the world and encourage reader participation.

Who we Are:

We are an independent online portal whose mission is to inform, entertain and engage our readers with hard-hitting, interesting and factual news in music, movies, sports, and art. As a user-driven website, we are focused on eliminating fake news and propaganda.

Our community can verify the authenticity of news features, by creating a poll on the website and taking a vote on any topic. The live feedback and community reaction to the topics also help keep our reporting credible.

Our Vision:

SNAPWIRE founders’ vision is to create an open and free channel for alternative news where the public participate and moderate news stories. We intend to create an editorial team that will comprise active users and moderators, from among whom we shall choose a management team.

We expect to become a user-owned website where individuals with news management expertise will have an opportunity of owning equity in the company. Our aim is to make SNAPWIRE an authoritative news hub for logical discussions, commentaries, and votes while gathering statistics on different topics of interest.

You too can become a member of SNAPWIRE’s global family. Do you have a counter opinion on any given topic? Or are you interested in sharing positive and informative articles of human interest? We welcome all contributions. We shall give incentives to trending posts that generate public interest.

What we provide:

On the website, you can read and comment on the news that has been created on our website or news syndicated from other sites. You can create and contribute your own news features and post directly on the site. We will verify, approve and publish.

As a reader, you can keep up with news and events in music, movies, sports, and art while learning about businesses and the people behind them.

Why This Site

We have built this site with the user in mind, we hope to create a vibrant community of readers and contributors who share their opinions, comment on stories and participate in interesting events. This vibrant community will eventually comprise everyone from across the globe.

What are you waiting for? It’s easy to join, simply Sign Up and log in to become a contributor.

SNAPWIRE is not just a Breaking News Website, it has other entertaining features like quizzes, videos, poll statistics, lists and much more! Our purpose is to activate our community members around important issues of common interest. We focus on amplifying stories and ideas for your benefit.

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As a contributing journalist, you have various tools at your disposal. After posting your Breaking your story - Breaking News! you can keep following on new leads and citations at the backstory to get to the root of any newsworthy feature.

You can then dive deep into any matter of interest as you get clearer information from the reader’s comments and reactions. Which helps you build your story more objectively and authoritatively.

This tool is only available to contributing journalists while readers support their endeavor by sharing comments in the community section.

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